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Own Your Journey

At Ashland Credit Union, we embolden our members to achieve their financial goals. Along life’s journey, you can count on us for guidance as you strive for financial wellness.

Your life is your journey…Own It!

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Person with a backpack
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Same People...Fresh Look and Focus

Achieve financial success with the wide variety of resources we have to offer.


At Ashland Credit Union, we embolden our members to achieve their financial goals. Along life's journey, you can count on us for guidance as you strive for financial wellness.

Your life is your journey...Own it!

ACU Rebrand

"The ACU rebrand has been a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into how we have evolved as an organization over the last 80 years.  

Our purpose for rebranding wasn't to change what we do, but to better define what we do and why we do it and create ways to effectively communicate this to our members and non-members"

Larry Lucas-President

Own Your Journey

Our Vision

Financial empowerment for all.

Our Mission

We embolden our members to reach higher, achieve more, and take control of their financial future.

Our Values

Trust, Community, Innovation, Empowerment

Our New Logo 

Is a symbol that represents you and the positive direction of your journey with us.

Our Tagline

Is meant to give you the confidence needed to achieve your goals with our guidance to get you there!