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Own Your Journey

At Ashland Credit Union, we embolden our members to achieve their financial goals. Along life’s journey, you can count on us for guidance as you strive for financial wellness.

Your life is your journey…Own It!

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Wooden puzzle pieces
Wooden puzzle pieces

Fraud Is On The Rise. Stay Alert!

Fraud cases are on the rise at Ashland Credit Union (ACU). As a valued member of ACU, we want to help protect you from becoming a victim of fraud or scams.
Fraudsters use emails, text messages, and phone calls to trick you into giving them your personal and financial information. The fraudster may say that they’ve noticed some suspicious activity or log-in attempts, claim there is a problem with your account, or say that you need to confirm some personal or financial information. All these actions are attempts to gain access to your personal financial information.


There are ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a fraud or scams:
If you receive a call from us, please verify the source of the call to ensure you are truly speaking to an ACU representative before providing any identity verification information.