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Business Certificate of Deposit

Help your business achieve more with a competitive business share certificate rate.

Business Membership Requirements:

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Business Share Certificate Rates
Effective Date: Wednesday, July 24th, 2024
TermDividend RateStandard *A.P.Y.1Jumbo
Dividend Rate
Jumbo *A.P.Y.1
6 Month 4.510% 4.60% 4.750% 4.85%
9 Month 4.510% 4.60% 4.750% 4.85%
12 Month 4.510% 4.60% 4.750% 4.85%
18 Month 4.270% 4.35% 4.510% 4.60%
24 Month 4.025% 4.10% 4.270% 4.35%
36 Month 3.690% 3.75% 3.930% 4.00%
48 Month 3.690% 3.75% 3.930% 4.00%
60 Month 3.690% 3.75% 3.930% 4.00%

Dividends compounded & paid monthly

1 Minimum Deposit to Open:
$2,500 for Standard CD
$35,000 for Jumbo CD

Certificate of Deposit Notes: A penalty may be charged for early withdrawal. See account disclosures for penalty calculation. Yields are compounded monthly. 
Rate Bump Option: Allows a one-time "bump" to the current rate during certificate term.
# indicates term available for Traditional / Roth IRA Certificates. Rate-Bump option not available for IRA CD's.

*A.P.Y. = Annual Percentage Yield