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ACU School Spirit Debit Card Program

Ashland Credit Union is the only financial institution in the area with a partnership with several community schools. This partnership allows ACU to offer the exclusive School Spirit Debit Card Program to the schools and their supporters. The card program allows the Credit Union to designate a portion of the interchange income it earns on debit card usage to the designated fund the school has indicated. The program works in the following way:

  • Each time a participating cardholder uses their debit card to process a credit (signature-based) transaction, ACU earns a small fixed amount of interchange income from the merchant.
  • ACU will designate $0.10 per credit (signature-based) transaction made by participating cardholders to that particular schools designated fund.
  • After a year (or other time frame requested by the school system), ACU will present a check for the entire amount raised by participating cardholders to the school system for use in the indicated project.

This partnership allows your school system to benefit by receiving much needed funds for your designated project. ACU benefits from providing financial literacy to area schools, growing our educated youth in the area, and being a part of something much bigger than ourselves- the financial future of our community.

Click on your school logo and sign up for your School Spirit Debit Card. 

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