Royals Debit Card

Welcome Royals Supporters!

You’re here…now answer the call to show your support for your Rose Hill Royals

Welcome, Rose Hill Christian School Supporters! We’re glad you found us and we’re proud to support Rose Hill. Whether you’re a faculty member, parent, alumni, student or are just a faithful supporter, we are confident that you are in the right place.

For more than 70 years, Ashland Credit Union has been serving quality financial products and services to thousands of members nationwide. We are joining with Rose Hill to bring all of our services to you while also helping to support your school. Choose Ashland CU for all of your banking needs today and you and your family just might find yourselves with more money in your pocket.

Rose Hill Christian School continues to produce generations of successful students who go on to help shape our local community, and the current group is no different. One of the ways your school helps is with the Academic Program Fund.

The Academic Program Fund helps support Rose Hill Christian School’s mission and ministry of providing Christian education to students now and future generations.   Your participation in the Royals Debit Card program will help to increase the capacity of this program.

Your participation in this program will directly impact students of Rose Hill Christian School.


Each time you make a purchase with your Royals Debit Card and choose credit (rather than debit), ACU will designate $0.10 to go towards the Academic Program Fund. The more you use your card – the more funds the program receives. Here’s an example of how your participation will help:

  • Account holders typically perform around 30 qualifying transactions per month.
  • At $0.10 per swipe, that’s $3.00 per member, per month.
  • In just one year, you could contribute $36.00 to the fund just by using your card!
  • Just imagine the difference if all of the Rose Hill Alumni and supporters sign up.


Open an ACU checking account today and choose our Royals Debit Card and you can:

  • Keep more money in your pocket by using a checking account with no monthly or recurring fees.
  • Withdraw funds for FREE at over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nation-wide.
  • Use mobile apps* for Apple iOS and Android to ensure your balances and funds are always at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.
  • Track your spending or move funds between your ACU accounts and other accounts you own with powerful financial tools.
  • Stop buying stamps and use free online Bill Pay to handle your monthly obligations and expenses.
  • Protect the environment and reduce your junk mail with E-Statements.

New Members: Sign up online or at your local ACU branch.

Existing Members: Stop by our office today to enroll your checking account and get your new card. There is no cost to participate and your purchases will start crediting towards the designated fund starting with your first purchase on the new card.

*Possible data carrier fees or charges may apply