Holiday Skip-A-Pay

Keep Your Money This Holiday and Skip Your ACU Loan Payment!*

Skip-A-Pay Deadline

Online Form Available: Oct 29th – Nov 23rd and Nov 30th – Dec 21st.

Processing fee of $25.  (ONLY ONE MONTH MAY BE SKIPPED)

 Login to Internet Teller to complete your Skip-A-Pay form today!

Completing your Holiday Skip-A-Pay online is the fastest way to skip your payment and save money for the holidays.

(The Skip-A-Pay option is inside Internet Teller next to the Transfers tab in the Main Menu header)

(The Skip-A-Pay option is inside the ACU mobile app as the first option in the drop-down menu)

*Terms & Conditions: Participating in this program may extend the length of your loan and reduce the amount of GAP insurance coverage.  Interest, Credit Disability and Loan Life Insurance / Debt Protection premiums (if applicable) will continue to accumulate on your loan(s) during the month you skip your payment. Skip-A-Pay option available for Transportation and Personal Loans only.  Excludes Visa®, First Mortgages, Easy Refinance Mortgages and Home Equity Loans.  In order to qualify for the “Skip-A-Month of Loan Payments” program, all of your Ashland CU accounts must be in good standing and you cannot have been delinquent on payments or caused the Credit Union a loss. The first contractual payment on your loan(s) must have been made prior to the skipped month. Fee is $25 per loan per member to process the application.