Overdraft Protection

What if I overdraw my account?

In a perfect world, no one would ever overdraw their account. Fairy tales where no financial missteps occur and everyone has all the money they need would make the world a completely different place. In reality, we recognize that small mistakes happen, which sometimes cause your account to be overdrawn.

Courtesy Pay is a service that helps ease the burden when an unfortunate miscalculation has occurred. If you overdraw your account, we cover that debt for you until you can get your account back to good standing. So, when a bill comes out, you aren’t charged a fee from both ACU and the institution you are trying to pay. While this is a welcome convenience for many of our members who accidentally overdraw their account, there are fees assessed (up to $25) each time this happens. 

So, while Courtesy Pay is a good option for minor mathematical errors, you could be out (a lot!) more money than you originally intended due to incurred fees. However, there are things that members can do to reduce recurring fees on your checking account.

  • Keep a ledger of all transactions. Write down everything coming in and going out of your account.
  • Review your account online frequently. Watch for things you weren’t expecting, especially if you have a joint account.
  • Avoid payday lenders. 
  • Periodically review your automatic and scheduled drafts so that you’re always aware of when a payment is going to hit your account.


These are just a few ways to get organized if you are feeling overwhelmed by your finances. Ultimately, we want you to feel like you can contact us for advice if you have questions or are feeling a heavy weight from your financial decisions.