Making Withdrawals
Solutions for our remote members.

We sometimes hear: "You don't have a location in my neighborhood - how will I get access to my funds in a timely fashion?" At Ashland CU, we have years of experience in helping our members efficiently manage their finances despite the lack of a local branch office, and we are proud to offer several methods for accessing your funds, no matter where you are.

ATM/Debit Cards

Funds in an ACU checking account are available 24-hours a day no matter where you are, thanks to our free ATM/Debit card. Your card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted and doubles as an ATM card, meaning you can easily withdraw funds from thousands of ATM machines nationwide. As an added bonus, ACU's participation in the Alliance One network means that you will have access to over 4,600 surcharge-free ATM's across the country!

Internet Teller

With Internet Teller, our state-of-the-art Internet banking website, you can request a check from your credit union accounts. Your request will be immediately processed, and any requests recorded before 4:30 PM eastern are mailed out the same day.

If you would rather the funds be sent electronically, the Remote Transfers tool on Internet Teller makes it easy to send funds to an account you may have at another institution. Once logged in, just select "Make A Transfer" under the Transfers menu. From there, you can link your credit union account to the account you hold at another institution. Once the accounts are linked, you can request transfers between the accounts.

To start using either of these great services, log in to Internet Teller and look under the "Transfers" tab.