Making Payments
Solutions for our remote members.

The days of using "snail mail" to make loan, credit card, and bill payments are quickly fading. If you don't want to rely on the postal service to make your payment, choose one of the following FREE options:

Make Loan or Visa Payments
  1. Use Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction
    With these services, funds can come directly out of your paycheck ensuring your loan is paid on schedule. Contact us or your payroll department to check availability.
  2. Transfer Funds from your ACU savings or checking account
    The Make a Transfer option in Internet Teller or ACU Mobile is a great option for loan payments. Just pick your savings or checking account as the "from" account and your loan or Visa as the "to" account.
  3. Set up Auto-Withdrawal from another bank account you own
    An ACU representative can guide you through enrolling in our auto-pay program. Contact us to enroll.
    Payments are credited to your account on the day they are withdrawn by our ACH Origination process.
  4. Transfer funds from a bank account with another institution
    If you don't use ACU for checking, you can still take advantage of our loan rates! With remote transfers, you link your ACU account with an account you have elsewhere, verify ownership on the account, and can then make transfers to and from the account directly from Internet Teller.
    Note: Remote Transfers take 3-5 business days to complete.
While we believe the Direct Deposit/Payroll option is the optimal solution when available, you can determine which option best meets your needs by consulting the following table:

Option Reliability Speed
Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit Guaranteed (while employed) Same-Day
ACU Account Transfer Self-Managed Same-Day
Auto-Withdrawal Depends on Account Balance Same-Day
Remote Account Transfer Depends on Account Balance 3-5 Business Days
Mailed Deposit Subject to USPS Reliability 4-7 Business Days

Pay Your Bills

Bill Pay is a great way to organized, schedule, and pay all of your bills for free while saving time and money typically spent on checks and postage. Just enter information about your payees from your bill and when it's time to pay, schedule the payment and we take care of the rest, sending funds from your checking account to the payee either via electronic transfer or check. Other benefits include a calendar view of your scheduled payments and intuitive reports that help you track and organize your bill activity. To learn more, read our Bill Pay information page.