Making Deposits
Solutions for our remote members.

It is a common misconception that if your primary financial institution isn't located locally, then it is difficult to make deposits to your accounts. At Ashland CU, we pride ourselves on being "experts" at remote services, and we are proud to offer several free methods for accepting deposits, no matter where in the country you are.

Mobile Deposits*

What is it? Mobile Deposits are deposits made by using your smart phone's camera to capture a picture of your check. These deposits can be accepted into any of your accounts at no extra charge! After a short hold period, your funds are available to spend, and it's a LOT quicker than the mail!

Who can take advantage of it? Anyone with open accounts in good standing, an Internet Teller login, and the ACU Mobile app can enroll in the service. All enrollments are subject to approval.

How do I start? Log in to the ACU Mobile app and look for the Mobile Deposits link. Tap the link and follow instructions onscreen!

*Data rates may apply

Payroll Deduction

What is it? Payroll deduction allows you to designate a fixed portion of your paycheck to be sent to any of your ACU accounts, including loans.

Who can take advantage of it? Payroll deduction services are extended to our members who are employed by Ashland LLC (including heritage ISP), APAC, Arch Coal, Kings Daughters Medical Center, LOOP, Marathon, Nexeo, Pilot Flying J, or Speedway.

How do I start? If you are employed by one of the companies listed above, contact ACU today to start taking advantage of payroll deduction.

Direct Deposit

Even if you don't work for one of the companies offering payroll deduction services, you can probably still take advantage of direct deposit. Most employers will allow you to specify some or all of your paycheck to be deposited directly to an account of your choice. Once your direct deposit is set up, you can contact us to distribute the funds among your ACU accounts as you wish. To start taking advantage of direct deposit, contact your employer's payroll department.

Note: Your employer will need to know the routing and transit numbers for ACU and may require you to supply a voided check. ACU's routing number is 242175557. You can find your account number at the bottom of your checks between the routing number and check numbers.

Internet Teller

Our state-of-the-art Internet Banking website now offers a great way to send funds to your account - Remote Transfers!

With Remote Transfers, you can link your credit union account to an account you hold at another institution. Once the accounts are linked, you can request or schedule transfers between the accounts. As always, it is FREE to transfer money to your ACU accounts.

To start using this great new service, log in to Internet Teller and look under the "Transfers" tab.

Snail Mail

When all else fails, ACU also accepts mailed deposits (no cash please!). Just drop your check in an envelope and mail it to Ashland Credit Union, 1300 Central Ave, Ashland, KY 41101 and we will post the deposit to your account(s). We encourage you to endorse any checks with the text "For deposit only at Ashland Credit Union, account ######." Any deposits not showing an account number will be deposited to your S1 regular share account.