Resources for Parents

Helping your children become aware of the importance of managing their money is essential to their financial stability. Here are some articles and some activities to get you started.

Printable Activities
Here are some activities you can print out and share with your teenage children to help them learn the value of credit union membership.

Money Matchup - Matching financial terms with their definitions.
Money Mania and Moolah Management - short quizzes about credit unions

Thrive By Five
Designed for parents of young children, this website includes free activities and other resources for parents who want to encourage healthy attitudes about money in young children.
Kirby Kangaroo Club
A special club for our members age 11 or younger. Visit this site to play games, read stories, share jokes, or color in an online coloring book!
CU Succeed
A program for our members between ages 12 and 17 - learn how to succeed in both finances and life. Includes helpful articles, calculators, and more!