Welcome Oldcastle Employees!

Oldcastle Employee Credit Union Enrollment

Welcome to enrollment for Ashland Credit Union, a valuable addition to your Oldcastle benefits program. With the links below, you will join hundreds of your fellow employees who have chosen ACU as their financial partner for savings programs, loans, financial improvement and more. In order to take advantage of this benefit, you must complete enrollment using the link below.

Following completion of your enrollment, ACU will open your membership according to your instructions and open your account selections. You will be able to select from a number of savings options and can elect to contribute any amount you choose to your new account. Payroll deductions (if selected) will begin within 1-2 pay periods.

Joining ACU gives you numerous options for managing your finances. While similar to your local bank, you will still notice several differences.

  • Payroll deduction through ACU’s cooperative relationship with Oldcastle. You come straight to ACU to make changes to your deduction. No need to contact payroll or memorize difficult routing and account numbers.
  • Savings rates you can actually see! Good rates on savings are hard to find, but ACU rates are continually above market.
  • ACU is committed to saving you money each month. Our team of lending experts is always standing by ready to evaluate your credit to locate money-saving opportunities.
  • Just like the big banks, ACU has mobile banking apps, online banking, free bill payment, and more.
Christmas Cash Feature

If you have both an active 2019 Christmas Club account and an ACU Checking account, you’ll get an extra bonus! Each time you swipe your ACU debit card and run the transaction as “credit” (usually any time you make a purchase using your signature rather than your PIN), we will add $0.20* to your Christmas Club account (see below for limits).

1Christmas Cash Bonus Program runs from 11/1/2018 thru 10/31/2019 and is open to memberships with both an ACU checking account and an active Christmas Club account. Each signature-based or “credit” point of sale transaction made with your ACU debit card while both accounts are open qualifies for the deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are credited at $0.20 per qualifying transaction for the first 25 transactions made per month, $0.10 per transaction thereafter. Christmas Club accounts are considered active for this program if they have a balance over $1,000 or have received non-bonus deposits totaling at least $30.00 each quarter. Christmas Cash is credited once per quarter in Feb, May, Aug, & Nov. An early withdrawal fee of $25.00 is charged on any withdrawal made from the account prior to the November 1 payout 

Get More Out of Your ACU Membership

Upon completion of enrollment, you will be a full member of Ashland Credit Union and may choose to utilize any other valuable financial services. We hope you will choose ACU for all of your financial needs. We offer:

  • Excellent rates on loans, credit cards, mortgages, and home equity lines of credit
  • High dividend rates on savings accounts, certificates of deposit
  • Checking accounts with direct deposit, debit cards, and no monthly fees
  • World-class online banking tools
  • Mobile banking apps for Apple and Android devices

Please contact us with any questions or check out the rest of our website if you would like to learn more about any of our products or services.