ACU Reinforces Anti-ID Theft Countermeasures
Experian & Yahoo breaches just the latest to put your data at risk.

Rarely a week goes by without reports of a data breach somewhere in the U.S. The latest breach at Equifax exposed the private details of 143 million consumers, well over 40% of the full U.S. population. Any individuals whose data was exposed may be at risk of ID theft.

We know, as members, you hold us to high standards when it comes to protecting your accounts. So, we are revising our practices to ensure that your account remains protected from ID theft. Starting in November, members reaching our call center will be introduced to new ID theft countermeasures through email and/or SMS (text message) verification procedures. If you have given us a security phrase or password for your account, we will continue to use that to verify your identity. If not, we will send an email or text message to you with a "shared secret" word that you must read back to us in order to access your account. We will only use the phone # or email address currently on file, so it is very important that you make sure you keep your contact information up to date.

We are also working hard to add additional security measures to your online account. We hope to introduce Touch ID to the mobile app in the very near future, and we have some very exciting upgrades scheduled for 2018.

Fraudsters and ID thieves are working harder than ever to compromise your identity, but you can rest assured that ACU is working hard to make sure they fail!