ACU Offers Loan Payment Deferrals to Flood-Affected Members
Up to three deferred payments offered.

Ashland Credit Union has members in all 50 states, including several hundred in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Like the rest of the country, we are saddened to see so many people displaced and affected by this natural disaster and we are anxious to help.

We recognize that many people in the affected regions are experiencing extreme hardships and losses due to the aftermath of the storm. If you are affected by the storm, we want your credit union loans to be the last thing on your mind. As a member courtesy, we will be offering a free loan deferrment program allowing affected members to skip up to three required loan payments with no penalty.*

We will be proactively reaching out to members we identify in disaster declared areas to offer this program. However, if you are affected and do not hear from us, you can contact us to apply for the free deferral program.

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For Our Members Outside The Affected Areas
If you are looking to provide support, donations, or other assistance to flood-affected areas, we recommend supporting the following organizations:

Required Disclosures:
* While there are no penalties, participants should be aware that participating in this program may extend the length of your loan. Interest, Credit Disability, Loan Life Insurance/Debt Protection premiums (if applicable) will continue to accumulate on your loan(s) during the month(s) you skip your payment. Participating in this program may reduce the claim amount of GAP Insurance coverage. In order to qualify for the Loan Deferral program, you must live in a federally identified disaster relief area and all of your Ashland CU accounts (including joint accounts) must be in good standing, you cannot have been delinquent on payments or caused the credit union a loss during the life of the loan(s), and the first contractual payment on your loan(s) must have been made prior to the skipped month. Program excludes first mortgage and home equity loans.