Visa Skip-A-Pay
Take a month need it!

Looking for extra cash this vacation season?

Participate in ACU's Visaź Skip a Pay program and skip either your June or July monthly Visa ONE credit card payment! To apply, just complete the application below. Deadlines are May 30, 2017 to skip the June payment and June 23, 2017 to skip the July payment. Happy skipping!

One Visa Skip A Pay request per member number. Participating in this program may extend the life of your loan. Interest, Credit Disability, and/or Debt Protection premiums (if applicable) will continue to accumulate on your Visaź account during the month you skip your payment. In order to qualify for the Visaź "Skip-A-Pay" program, all of your Ashland CU accounts must be in good standing and you cannot have been deliquent on payments or caused the credit union a loss. A $15 fee is required to process your application.

Download Visa Skip-A-Pay Form
Downloadable pdf document for printing & mailing

Prefer to submit your form electronically?
Sign in to Internet Teller and click Visa Skip A Pay under the My Accounts tab.