Five New Years Resolutions You Can Keep
Here are options ACU can help with that you might even keep past January!

What are your New Years Resolutions this year? Typically, they include personal goals like staying organized, losing weight, eating better, get outside more, etc. This year, consider adding financial fitness to your list. Here are five ways that your ACU membership can help you become more financially fit in the new year.

Resolve: Start Saving Money This Year

Let ACU Help: High-APY Money Market & Certificate Accounts

Impact: With higher rates than the competition and great options for any balance, you can't go wrong. Contact a representative to find the best home to build your savings.
Resolve: Pay all my bills on time this year

Let ACU Help: Online Bill Pay

Impact: When you pay your bills online, you can trust that they arrive on time every time, for free, meaning you may never pay a late fee again. Bonus? No stamps necessary.
Resolve: Reduce My Monthly Debt Payments

Let Us Help: Our team of refinance experts

Impact: Our lending team is full of refinance experts. A quick conversation could turn up $100s of savings each month and more over your loan terms. Homes, autos, credit cards and more.
Resolve: Be More Prepared Next Christmas

Let Us Help: Christmas Club Account with debit card bonus rewards.

Impact: When you bundle an ACU Christmas Club and Checking with debit card, you can earn for the holidays with every swipe!
Resolve: Improve My Credit

Let Us Help: Credit Score Enhancement Service

Impact: Discuss your credit with an ACU loan officer one on one. Learn where you stand, what you can do to improve your score, and maybe find some ways to save on your monthly debts at the same time.

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