Internet Teller Login & Alert Features Enhanced
Choose your user ID and mobile app PIN* today

Ashland CU is happy to announce several new enhancements for our online users, all aimed at making your online experience more efficient and informative. Always forgetting your member number? Pick your username today and never worry about it again! Tired of using your iPhone's touch screen to type in a complicated password? Set a 4-digit PIN to speed things along. Want to stay more informed about your account activity? Visit our expanded Alert Center to set new alert types and set up multiple email or SMS text contacts.

User ID Feature

You can now set a username for your profile that can be used when logging in instead of your member number. This allows you to set a username that is familiar to you while protecting your member number. Your username must be between 6 and 20 characters long and may not use any of the following characters: ',",%,&,*,?.

New Internet Teller users will choose their username when enrolling their account for the first time. For our already-registered members, you can set your username by logging in and looking for the Set User Name link under the "Profile" tab.

iPhone App PIN Code

Our iPhone and Android App users may have already gotten a notification on your device to upgrade our app. Besides some cosmetic improvements, we have also added a special login enhancement for our iPhone users. Like you, we know how hard it can be to type a complicated password with a mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

The updated version of our app allows you to set an optional 4-digit PIN number that you can use to log in to your account more quickly. If you're concerned that this makes it easier to access your account details, we've got you covered! Thanks to a strict 3-strikes and you're out policy, anyone who fails to enter your PIN three times will get forwarded to the normal username/password screen and must answer one of your custom challenge questions before they get access.

Also, for those of you who manage more than one membership, you may notice you can assign a nickname and PIN to each account you access, allowing you to switch to another account quicker than ever!

Unfortunately, this feature is only available to our Apple users due to limitations in the Android operating system. To set your PIN today, update your app in the app store, then just follow the onscreen instructions.

Expanded Alert Contacts

Our alert center has been expanded in a number of ways. Now you can choose multiple contacts for your alerts, and they can be either an email address or text message, and you can set multiple contacts for each alert. We think our members using a joint checking account will really like this feature!

If you're worried about noisy text messages in the middle of the night, choose a "quiet time" and we'll make sure your night goes undisturbed.

New Alert Types

We have added seven new types of alerts that you can receive, including each of the following:

  • Account Balance - Learn when your current or available account balance exceeds or drops below an amount of your choice.
  • CD Maturity - Find out when you have a CD nearing maturity.
  • Deposit - Receive an alert when your account receives a deposit less than or more than an amount of your choice.
  • Loan Payment Due - Choose a number of days before your loan is due to receive a reminder.
  • Periodic Balance Report - Want an email or text on a periodic schedule? This alert sends you your balance on whatever schedule you choose, as often as daily or as infrequently as annually.
  • Periodic Reminder - Just want to set a custom reminder? Pick your date or schedule and up to 140 characters of custom text and Internet Teller will contact you when the time comes.
  • Purchase - Find out each time a purchase over a specific dollar amount is made on your checking account.
  • Withdrawal - Just like our purchase alert, but for ATM or teller withdrawals.

As you can see, we're working hard to bring you the best possible online and mobile experience available today. We've got even more exciting enhancements on the horizon, so keep an eye on our news feed for updates. As always, if you'd like to offer feedback or suggestions, just contact us today!