Saturday Delivery - A Thing of the Past?
If the changes happen, how will you be affected?

Recently, the USPS has officially stated their intention to discontinue mail service on Saturdays. There are still many legal challenges to this issue, but it remains a probable change. While most people may think the change might not make much of a difference in their day-to-day lives, the impact of this change could be detrimental in the long run to many people if not prepared.

What Does this Mean To Me?
  • Do you rely on Saturday service?
  • How many times do you spend a Saturday morning standing in line at the Post Office because that is the only free time you have?
  • What about sending payments and receiving bills?

Without Saturday mail service, every deadline that has to be reached will be even more important. On an average month, you will need to worry about your bank statements coming in at a certain time, not to mention your mortgage, car payment and Visaź bill or any bill that doesn't offer the luxury of a "grace period" to make payments. Now think about the impact it will have on months where mail volume is increased due to the holidays. Paying bills in November and December might get tricky when there are many days that the USPS is already closed due to the holiday season. Add Saturday closure to this number and there will be no room for error when planning out when to mail your bills for the month. There must be a better way.

...and there is!
At Ashland Credit Union, we want you to have access at your fingertips when paying your bills or receiving your monthly statement. We also want you to be in touch with all the things we provide to save you money. FREE Online Bill Pay, eStatements and our Mobile App gives you easy access to your finances whenever you want it, wherever you want it. This is the simplest form of saving money for postage to pay a bill, plus it lets you schedule payments, pay on-the-go and see your statement the second it's ready. No more will you have to worry that you haven’t sent your credit card payment in enough time because the mail doesn't run or there was a holiday and the Post Office was closed. Don’t wait until payments are late to take advantage of making managing your finances easier.

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