Why Join Ashland CU?
Lots of reasons...
  1. Low minimum balance. Ashland CU requires a very small minimum balance to open your account. Five bucks is all it takes to join and start using our services.

  2. Better rates of return. We provide higher interest rates on basic savings (share) accounts, interest-bearing checking accounts and CDs.

  3. Checking accounts, Online Bill Pay and ATMs. Oh My! With our interest earning checking account, you can also sign up to get a debit card. Use your card at most any ATM to withdraw funds. Enroll for free Online BillPay and your bills are paid on the date you set them up. Now that’s convenient.

  4. Low rates on Visa® cards and loans. ACU consistently offers lower rates, better terms and lower fees.

  5. Accounts insured by the government. Credit union accounts are now insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Your money is safe with us.

  6. Great mortgage rates and equity loans. Not only are our rates low, but your closing costs are usually much lower than those paid through a conventional lender.

  7. Credit counseling. We understand there are times it is difficult making ends meet, so Ashland CU has established a program to help our members get back on their feet.

  8. Your voice counts. Your opinion matters here. You can always feel free to let us know how we are doing. Good or bad. We take everything our members say seriously and aim to make things more efficient for you.

  9. Once a member, always a member. As long as you maintain an account, you will always be a member of Ashland CU.

  10. Family environment. We’re all family at Ashland CU. From the President to the member and back, we are all part of ACU together.

Maybe the question needs to be, why NOT join ACU!