Travelers Checks

Travelers Cheques provide peace of mind when traveling. If lost or stolen they are refundable usually within 24 hours. Plus they provide you the peace of mind knowing that behind every Cheque is someone who can help in a travel emergency, 24/7.

ACU provides both Traditional Travelers Cheques and Cheques for Two.

Product features and benefits for both:
  • Safer than cash.
  • Fully refundable if lost or stolen, usually within 24 hours, virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Never expire.
  • Accepted worldwide.
  • Easy to use at hotels, restaurants, and stores.
  • Ideal for long or short trips.
  • Allow travelers to budget and monitor how much money is spent.
Additional features for Cheques for Two:
  • Only one of the two users needs to be present to buy Cheques for Two.
  • Only one user needs to be present to use Cheques for Two.
  • Only 50 cents per $100 of Travelers Cheques purchased.