Maraweb Instructions (for Marathon/SSA employees)
How to set up your deduction on the MaraWeb Business Center

Notice: Some members have reported a problem preventing employees from changing existing deduction amounts in Maraweb. If you are unable to alter your amounts, please contact your HR department to request the change.

  • First you must go to the MaraWeb Business Center via Marathon/SSA's Intranet system. 
    If you do not have access to the Intranet system, contact your Payroll or Human Resource Department.  You may also contact ACU for assistance.
  • Click on “SAP On-Line Services” tab.
  • Use your personal identification code (PIC) and network password to log in.
  • Select "Pay Information" tab.
  • Select "Bank Information" option.
  • Select "Edit" button where bank name is ASHLAND CU.
  • Complete the information requested on the screen.
    • Payment Method: Payroll Direct Deposit
    • Bank Routing Number: 242175557
    • Account Number:
    • Choose the amount (percentage or flat dollar amount) that you wish to send to your ACU account each pay period.

  • Click "Review" at the bottom of the screen to review your information before saving.

If you need assistance, please call the following numbers:

  • SSA employees:  937-864-3000 (ask for payroll)
  • Marathon employees:  Call your HR service center