Visa® ONE Credit Cards
The ONE Card You Need, Wherever You Are


All NEW cardholders receive a 1.90% Introductory APR for the first six months after the card is opened!

*Offer applies to new Visa ONE Rewards Cards. Purchases and balance transfers from other credit cards qualify for the introductory rate. Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 1.90% for the first six months following the date the card is opened. Thereafter the then- prevailing APR will be applied to outstanding balances. APR is subject to change semi-annually with the market based on the Prime Rate and a margin based on your creditworthiness. As of Feb 1, 2018, the APR was between 8.99% and 18.99%. Minimum credit line $500. Rates and terms are subject to change.

  • EMV chip technology.
  • All ACU Visa® ONE cards offer:
  • CURewards program (see description below)
  • No Annual Fee.
  • Low variable percentage rate.
  • No Balance Transfer Fees.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees.
  • Worldwide acceptance anywhere the Visa® logo is displayed.
  • A 25-day grace period on purchases.
  • Automatic payment options from your ACU accounts or direct deposit.
  • In-person payments at an ACU branch.
  • Online Access

Card Agreement & Disclosures

CURewards Program

For every dollar you charge on your new Visa Platinum Rewards credit card, you earn a point. Points are redeemable for valuable rewards. With over 500 rewards from exotic travel destinations to high-end electronics, quality house wares to the latest fitness equipment, there is a reward just for you.

To check your points balance, view available rewards, or redeem your points, log in to Internet Teller and choose the "View My Visa ONE" under the "My Accounts" menu.

EMV Chip Technology
The Visa ONE Rewards Card utilizes chip technology, which means it's one of the most fraud-resistant payment methods you can use. Why is this important?
  • EMV technology involves a chip embedded into your credit card that produces unique transaction codes each time the card is used at a merchant. These cards will no longer be able to be duplicated by thieves who gain unauthorized access to the card data used in a transaction.
  • Chip technology is already prevalent outside the U.S. and we're preparing for a migration of chip readers at merchants domestically. Because EMV is supported throughout other global markets, it will make your purchasing experience while traveling abroad even easier.
  • As merchants begin to replace existing card readers with chip terminals, your ACU Visa One card will be ready to provide you with the most secure transaction possible.
How to use an EMV Card
Using a chip card is just a little different. Non-chip card enabled terminals will still allow a quick swipe of the magnetic stripe to do your transaction. Chip card enabled terminals will have a slot for inserting the card.
  • When prompted by the terminal, insert your Visa ONE Card into the terminal.
  • The terminal will authenticate your chip card and keep it safely inside the terminal until you've finished your transaction.
  • After you receive your transaction receipt, remember to remove your chip card from the terminal. Some terimals will beep to remind you, but others won't!
Online Access & Rewards Balance

Internet Teller offers one sign-on to your cardholder profile online, where you can get up-to-date information about your Visa® 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. View your account balance, check recent transactions, view your statements, report your card lost or stolen, or download your transactions to your personal finance management software like Microsoft Money.

To view your card details online or check your CURewards points balance:
  1. Log in to Internet Teller
  2. Click on "View My Visa ONE" under the My Accounts tab
  3. If this is your first time accessing your Visa account, you will need to "Add Card" and follow the instructions onscreen to link your card to your online profile.
  4. Once your card is linked, you can locate items in the following locations:
    • Recent Activity - Shows your balance as well as all recent and pending transactions
    • Card History - Shows transactions from previous months
    • Online Services - Access EStatements & settings, Make Payments, Dispute a Charge.
    • CURewards Logo - Found on the Recent Activity page, click the logo to be automatically signed in to the CURewards website, where you can view your balance, shop for available rewards, and redeem your points.

Paying your bill is easy too. We open up a special credit card payment account for all of our cardholders that is used to send payments directly to Visa each day. Just log in to Internet Teller and transfer funds directly to your "CRCD" account. We'll take care of the rest!

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