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Share Secured Loans

A Share Secured Loan enables you to pledge your shares as collateral to secure a loan. Shares equal to the loan balance would be frozen and unavailable for withdrawal. However, all frozen shares would continue to earn a quarterly dividend. Rate is variable and changes annually to reflect current share rate.

A single-pay share loan is also available. Call one of our member representatives at 800-245-8112 for details.

Share Certificate Secured

A Share Certificate Secured Loan enables you to pledge your certificate balance(s) as collateral to secure a loan. With a share certificate loan, your loan is secured by the funds in your share certificate of deposit. Your certificate will continue to earn dividends. The rate of the Share Certificate Loan is 2% above the certificate rate pledged as collateral. The rate and payment on this loan will vary each time the certificate renews.

Share Equity

The maximum loan amount is 150% of the amount of shares pledged. The loan may be refinanced, providing there is a minimum advance of $200. The maximum term is 5 years.

Loan Type Maximum Term
Share Secured Loan 10 years
One Pay Share Loan 180 days
Share Certificate Secured Loan 10 years
Share Equity Loan 5 years
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