Personal Loans

ACU offers you personal loans, for any good reason. Consolidate your bills, travel abroad, do a home renovation or anything else that makes sense. Life demands that you have financial flexibility, and there's not a safer, easier place to get it than here.

Available Loan Types
Personal Loan Rates       Rates current as of Jan 3, 2017
Term *A.P.R.
as low as
Est. Pmt.
Per $1k
Other Details
36 Month Signature 9.74% $32.15 Maximum amount $10,000
48 Month Signature 10.24% $25.48
12 Month Four Seasons 8.74% $87.33 Maximum amount $2,000
All loans are subject to approval.

Four Seasons Loans

Need some extra cash to get you through getting the kids into school? How about a new iPad or a last minute trip to celebrate the end of summer? ACU's Four Seasons Loan is a good way to jump over any financial hurdle.

We call it the Four Seasons Loan because it's great for any season and any reason. If you find yourself in need of school supplies or your dishwasher is flooding the floor, a Four Seasons Loan can help you keep running smoothly without missing a step. With a one year term and a $2,000 maximum amount, there is no burden of a long-term payment. Interest rate varies according to your individual credit score.

We can give your budget a boost any month of the year with a Four Seasons Loan. Contact a member representative for details and see what options are available for you today!

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