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  First Mortgage Choice Home Equity
Line of Credit 1
Easy Refinance
New for 2016!
Best For: Purchase your dream home. Remodel a kitchen, add a room to your home, consolidate your debts...
Anything you choose!
Lower your payment or rate.
Pay off your balance quicker.
Fixed/Variable: Either Variable Fixed
Rate: Updated daily
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APR as low as
Updated daily
(Call for current rate)
Maximum Term: Up to 30 years 15 years 10 or 15 years
Draw Period: N/A 10 years N/A
Min. Initial Purchase: $25,000 $10,000 $25,000
Additional Advances: Not available $500 min Not available
Borrow up to:
(% of home's value)
95% (conventional)
96.5% (FHA), 100% (VA)3
up to $200,000
up to $417,000
Closing Costs: Variable, quoted after application $0.00 Low $1,000 fixed origination fee
(may be financed)
Time to Closing: 30-45 days 15-30 days 15-30 days
Escrow Services: Available Not Available Not Available
Special Features: Traditional, ARM, FHA, VA loans all available   Cash-out option available
May be first or second lien position
Payment Example:4 Credit Score: 740 or greater
Loan Amount: $100,000
APR: 4.5%
Est. Payment: $506.76
Credit Score: 750 or greater
Loan Amount: $100,000
APR: 3.50%
Est. Payment: $714.88
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1 May not be available in all states. Please contact us to confirm availability in your state.
2 Rate quoted assumes excellent credit. Rate on Choice Home Equity Line of Credit is a variable rate that is based on the prime rate, loan-to-value ratio, your creditworthiness, and whether the loan is a first or second position mortgage. Rate may not exceed 24.00% APR. Not all applicants will receive the lowest rate. Property Insurance is required.
3 Certain types of loans may have qualifications on who can apply. Talk to an ACU loan officer for details.
4 This is only an example payment scenario. Rates are subject to change and qualifications vary dependent upon credit score.

Announcement: Easy Refinance Loans Now Available
Because refinancing your home shouldn't be so difficult

Refinancing your home shouldn't be hard. It shouldn't be so expensive. It shouldn't take weeks and weeks to close. Ultimately, it shouldn't be a hassle! Starting now, it's not!

Introducing the Easy Refinance Loan, a great alternative to your 30-year mortgage. By simplifying the mortgage process, offering super-low rates, and minimizing closing costs, our new program takes the sting out of refinancing.

The Easy Refinance Loan features 10- and 15-year fixed-rate terms, taking years off your loan and saving you money in the long run. Cash out options are available and the minimal closing costs can be financed. Available as either a first or second mortgage.

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