Ever wonder where your money went?
Find out today with Personal Financial Management


Have you ever wondered how much of your money you actually spend at the grocery store in a month? How about the amount you pay in utilities over the course of a year? Internet Teller has a great feature to help revolutionize the way you spend, track, and budget your money.

Personal Financial Management (PFM) is a FREE feature that gives you the tools you need to make a budget and categorize what you spend. By spending just a few minutes of time, you are able to track exactly where your money is going each month. Just drag and drop your transaction into whichever category (such as housing, automobiles, kids, pets, bills, etc.) it pertains to and it will be tracked.

And if that wasn't enough, this feature actually learns over time! After a couple of months categorizing transactions, just click the "Auto Categorize" button and PFM will analyze your transactions and if it finds transactions that you regularly categorize into a specific category, it will do the work for you!

With PFM, you will keep track of what you spend and how well you stick to your budget. And because it is totally FREE to our members, it's a great alternative for users who want just the basic features of expensive money management software packages without the added cost of additional software.

Each time you log in, you are able to see at a glance if you are staying within your budget. Charts and graphs quickly show you how much you were under or over your allotted amount for the month. This way, you can make adjustments for the next month where needed.

PFM can be your one-stop tool for all things budget-related. Just log in, click on your account in Account Center, and click the Categories link to get started. Track where your paycheck goes and learn where adjustments can be made to save you money in the long run!

Note: Categorized transaction information can now be exported to Excel or .csv! To download your transactions, expand the "Chart" section that displays the pie chart and budget chart. In the header bar there is a link that says "Download Transactions". Use that link to export your information into the file format of your choice.

Get started today! Just click on your account, then look for the link in Internet Teller.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about PFM