Never Use a Stamp Again
Let free Online Bill Pay manage all of your monthly obligations

One of the most popular tools in Internet Teller is Free Online Bill Pay. With Bill Pay, you never have to search through the couch cushions for one last stamp, keep stacks of bills laying around, or worry that a neighbor might get into your mail while you're at the office. Enroll your checking account in Bill Pay today and reap all these benefits:

All Bill Pay users benefit from:
  • An extensive nation-wide database of payees who accept electronic payments
  • Scheduling features that ensure your bill is paid exactly when you want it.
  • If your bill can't be paid electronically, we mail it for you - no stamps necessary!
  • Once you have entered your payees from a PC or laptop, you can pay your bills with the ACU Mobile app.
Helpful Scheduling Features

Everyone pays their bills differently. Some people pay each one as it comes in while others choose to wait until there are several that can be paid at once. Thankfully, Bill Pay has a solution no matter how you choose to do it.

  • If you pay your bills the moment you receive them, log in to the ACU mobile app or Internet Teller website and set it immediately.
  • If you want to set the bill to be paid, but don't want it to go until pay day, you can schedule it for a later date.
  • And if your bill is already late? Well we can't help you with the late fees, but if your payee receives electronic payment, you can log in anywhere and set your bill to be paid on the next available business day - much quicker than mailing it in.
Also, for the chronically late, look into the reminder feature, which sends you an email each month reminding you that your bill's due date is right around the bend.

Get Started Now...
To enroll your account in Free Online Bill Pay today, just grab a bill or two, log in to Internet Teller, and click on the Pay Bills tab to get started. Your first stop should be the Select From Popular Payees in your Area link, where you can expect easy access to add many of your local payees (such as your electric, cable, or natural gas providers).

And if all else fails, click the "Help" tab and let our help videos show you the ropes. As always Contact Us should you need assistance.

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