Internet Teller Alert Center
Monitor your account as often as you want - without logging in!


Alert Center is a wonderful tool for keeping an eye on your accounts. You can set multiple contacts for your alerts, and they can be either an email or text message recipient. Not only that, but each alert can be sent to as many of your contacts as you wish.

Worried about noisy text messages in the middle of the night?
Set a "quiet time" on your contact and we'll make sure your night goes undisturbed.


Choose from a myriad of ways to monitor your account with seven types of alerts, described below:

  • Account Balance - Learn when your current or available account balance exceeds or drops below an amount of your choice.
  • CD Maturity - Find out when you have a CD nearing maturity.
  • Deposit - Receive an alert when your account receives a deposit less than or more than an amount of your choice.
  • Loan Payment Due - Choose a number of days before your loan is due to receive a reminder.
  • Periodic Balance Report - Want an email or text on a periodic schedule? This alert sends you your balance on whatever schedule you choose, as often as daily or as infrequently as annually.
  • Periodic Reminder - Just want to set a custom reminder? Pick your date or schedule and up to 140 characters of custom text and Internet Teller will contact you when the time comes.
  • Purchase - Find out each time a purchase over a specific dollar amount is made on your checking account.
  • Withdrawal - Just like our purchase alert, but for ATM or teller withdrawals.
Note: Alerts are typically scheduled for 10:00 AM daily, which allows time for the morning's transactions to post.

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