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Important information about upcoming changes to your online experience.


Progress means change.

Here are some new features we think you’re going to love about the new Internet Teller!

•Your transaction history now displays hold amounts and pending transactions.
•Account Alerts now happen with much greater frequency. You can be alerted to transactional activity within minutes.
•Use Card Management to turn your debit card on or off, preventing fraud or misuse.
•Manage your certificate after maturity with CD Management. Choose to reinvest, deposit to an account, or send a check.
•ACU Mobile app now features sign-on improvements such as Apple Touch ID, Android Fingerprint, and One-Time Passcodes.
•E-Services now integrates your electronic statements, letters/notices, and account alerts in one place.
•Rename your accounts using the Modify Nickname feature.

March 20

Internet Teller Re-Launches with New & Improved Features

All users will be required to set up new login information to take advantage of new features.
 March 20
Internet Teller Re-Launches with New & Improved Features
All users will be required to set up new login information to take advantage of new features.
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Conversion Schedule:

March 6: New registrations to Internet & Mobile Banking are suspended to allow us to ensure that all memberships are accurately converted to the new system.

March 17: Final day for accessing the old site. Access to the old site will be removed overnight on March 17.

March 18/19: Internet Teller & the ACU Mobile App unavailable for use. Members may call 800-245-8112 to retrieve their balance or request transactions. Please be aware that hold times may be longer than typical.

March 20: Internet Teller will relaunch at 8:00 AM. Users must all re-register for access on the new site. Site performance may be slower than normal during this time as many users will attempt to register at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to re-register?
A: The new Internet Teller and ACU Mobile App utilize new authentication methods and the registration process makes sure we have accurate contact information that we can use to verify that you are the owner of your account. You will need to verify your primary email address and cell phone # during enrollment.

Q: Where did the login box go on the new website?
A: If you are viewing the site on a mobile web browser, your will have the best possible experience using the ACU Mobile App. Our new websites are mobile-optimized and we encourage all members who are on a mobile device to use the ACU Mobile App rather than a web page.

Q: How will I make sure I’m on the newest version of the ACU Mobile App?
A: We encourage members to keep the ACU Mobile App automatically updated so that the newest version is always on your phone/mobile device. On March 20, we will push the newest version of the app out to the App Stores and will prevent login to the old app. A message will display instructing you to download the new app. If you have automatic updating turned on, you may not have to do anything to get the new app.

Q: Will all my Bill Pay payees and remote transfer accounts be transferred to the new site?
A: Yes. All verified remote accounts will be brought over to the new site and will be available to you upon registering. The Bill Pay service through Checkfree will be uninterrupted and all payees and payments will continue to be linked to your ACU membership.

Q: I had bills that were scheduled for payment on a date when the site was unavailable. What will happen to them?
A: Previously scheduled bills will be paid at their normal time, even if you are unable to access the site. However, you will not be able to log in on March 18 or 19 to schedule new bill payments.

Q: I had transfers that were scheduled for March 18/19. Will those transfers still happen?
A: Previously scheduled transfers will happen, though those scheduled for March 18 or 19 may be delayed by 1-2 days until they can be run on the new system. ACU will be evaluating scheduled transactions prior to the interruption to minimize the impact to your transactions.

Q: I previously categorized my transactions. What can I do to budget my spending now?
A: The new website supports Intuit Quicken’s Web Connect and Direct Connect features. You can also link your ACU membership with services such as Mint, which aggregate your accounts and provide great insight into your spending habits.