Credit Disability Insurance

If you are disabled...

The Problem:
During a period of disability, income is reduced and expenses escalate. Typically, disability benefits pay only a portion of income. However, during an extended disability, medical bills surface as a result of deductibles, co-payments, and non-covered expenses.

The Result:

  • Depleted savings
  • Late payments
  • Credit rating damage
The Solution:
Credit Disability Insurance will make your payment until you can return to work or until the loan is paid off, whichever comes first.*


  • Payments are made directly to your loan and are not taxable.
  • Benefits are paid in addition to any other benefits you may receive.
  • Hospitalization is not required.
  • Covers both injury and illness.
In Addition:
  • No physical exam is required. Simply meet eligibility requirements.
  • Affordable premiums that are included in your monthly loan payment and may be financed. Ask for details.
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