Fraud Alerts
**Updated 04/15/2009 10:49 AM

Ashland-Area residents are reporting receiving phone calls claiming to be from Ashland Credit Union and stating that their credit/debit card has been cancelled, frozen, or discontinued. The recording asks you to press 1 to be transferred to the fraud department, where a recording requests your card information. Please be aware, This is a fraud attempt! Do NOT type in your card information. If you have already entered your information by mistake, you should immediately call the number on the back of the card to report it lost/stolen. Please read the rest of this page for more information about recent scams and phishing attempts.

Please note: The number appearing on some caller ID's is using an international area code. To avoid fees from your long-distance carrier, we suggest that you not attempt to call the number back.
What you need to know if you receive a suspicious phone, email, or text message.

Ashland-area residents are currently reporting receipt of phone calls stating that their Ashland CU credit card has been cancelled. To renew, they are asking the recipient to press 1 and be transferred, after which their card details are collected. In previous cases, recipients have been directed to call a fraudulent phone number (usually long distance, sometimes international), where they are asked to enter their credit/debit card number, PIN number, expiration date, and/or other important personal information.

Please Note - No contact information or phone numbers have been stolen from Ashland CU - The attack is purely random and is focusing on Ashland-area phone exchanges!

It is important to note - this is a fraud attempt! While the fraudsters may choose to utilize Ashland CU's name, they will steal account numbers from any credit or debit card issuer.

Cardholders are urged to ignore any calls or messages requesting their card number!!

If you have received messages like the one described above, please note the following:
  • The phone calls, voice mails, or email messages did not come from Ashland CU. ACU will never solicit requests for personally identifying information through email, text message, or telephone.
  • To our members - Your personal information has NOT been compromised! The phone calls, texts, and email messages have targeted the Ashland, KY region and have been sent to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of recipients. Very few of the recipients appear to be actual ACU members.
  • If you have called this number and given your card information, you need to take action immediately to prevent unauthorized charges. Please call the number on the back of your credit card and report your card lost/stolen.
  • While the fraudsters have chosen to utilize Ashland CU's name, our members are not the only cardholders at risk! If you have called the above number and entered your cardholder information, you may still be at risk for fraud, even if you do not have an Ashland CU credit/debit card!
  • Cellular phone users should also beware of text messages that direct you to perform activities similar to the above email. These fraudsters are following a common pattern of email, phone, and SMS (text message) behavior. These messages are also fraudulent and should be ignored.
Neither Ashland Credit Union nor Visa will ever ask you to give out your credit or debit card details over the phone! It is common for the Visa fraud department to contact cardholders when suspicious or abnormal activity is detected on their card, but it is important to note the following details:
  1. These calls are made by a human, not a computerized recording.
  2. Ashland CU and Visa already know your card number - we will never ask you to enter it in an email, an online form, or a phone call.
  3. The caller knows the details about why the behavior was detected and will ask for specific information related to the purchase activity.

The following is a sample email which has been received by Ashland-area residents. The telephone number specified in the email message was disabled shortly thereafter.

From: "Ashland Credit Union"
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2008 10:14 AM
Subject: Impoartant Notification

Dear Customer,

We detected irregular activity on your credit card on August/07/2008.For your protection, you must verify this activity before you can continue using your card.

You will need to reactivate your card before we can review the activity.

Call us immediately at our Toll Free (888) 801-XXXX. (number removed)

We will review the activity on your account with you and upon verification, we will remove any restrictions placed on your account.Please disregard this notice if you already accesed the web site or spoken with one of our representatives.

Please note : (888) 801-XXXX. (number removed)

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