Christmas & Vacation Club Accounts

Since 2016, we have brought you what we think is the best Christmas Club account on the planet with great rates, a valuable debit card bonus program, and multiple payout options! In 2018, we're upping our game even more!

Christmas Club Accounts Now Feature

  • Annual dividend rate of 2.50% APY on the first $3,000 on deposit
  • Up to $0.25 Christmas Cash earned per swipe1 when you use your ACU debit card
  • THREE payout options (described below)
Annual Payout Options (Available for both Christmas & Vacation Clubs)
  • Send It Now - Mail a check for the entire balance to the mailing address on your account during the first week of November annually
  • Spend It Later - Automatically transfer the entire balance to your ACU checking, savings, money market, or other account of your choosing.
  • Save It For Next Year - We'll leave the entire balance right where it is and you'll be all set for next year. If you change your mind, you can make free withdrawals from the account throughout the month of November.
Choose Your Christmas/Vacation Club Payout Option Here

Christmas Cash Bonus
When you pair your active 2018 Christmas Club account and an ACU Checking account, you get an extra bonus! Each time you swipe your ACU debit card and run the transaction as "credit" (usually any time you make a purchase using your signature rather than your PIN), we will add $0.25* to your Christmas Club account (see below for limits).

25 Qualifying Swipes   X   $0.25 Per Swipe   X   12 Months   =   $75!
(signature-based)          (first 25/month)       (11/1/17 - 10/31/18)

Don't Miss Out on Christmas Cash!!
In order to qualify for Christmas Cash, you must deposit at least $30 each quarter into your Christmas Club account or have a total balance over $1,000 to stay active!

Terms & Conditions:
1Christmas Cash Bonus Program runs from 11/1/2017 thru 10/31/2018 and is open to memberships with both an ACU checking account and an active Christmas Club account. Each signature-based or "credit" point of sale transaction made with your ACU debit card while both accounts are open qualifies for the deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are credited at $0.25 per qualifying transaction for the first 25 transactions made per month, $0.10 per transaction thereafter. Christmas Club accounts are considered active for this program if they have a balance over $1,000 or have received non-bonus deposits totaling at least $30.00 each quarter. Christmas Cash is credited once per quarter in Feb, May, Aug, & Nov. An early withdrawal fee of $25.00 is charged on any withdrawal made from the account prior to the November 1 payout.


Just like a Christmas Club account, your Vacation Club Account is a great way to save extra cash for a specific purpose - your next vacation! After building up your balance all year long, your dividend is posted on on May 1 and the funds in the account are distributed according to your instructions. Vacation Club accounts have the same three payout options as ACU Christmas Clubs. If you haven't previously given us instructions, make your selection using the form above to let us know what YOU want to happen. Each year, your Vacation Club Account automatically renews and starts accumulating for the following year.

  • Save year round for your vacation.
  • An exceptionally high 2.50% APY dividend rate for 2019 club accounts. (A dividend of 2.00% will post for 2018 Vacation Club accounts on May 1, 2018.)
  • Withdrawals are limited. A $25 fee is assessed for withdrawals made other than those made during the month of May following the annual payout.
  • Funds are distributed around the first week of May each year in accordance with your payout option.
  • Dividends are paid annually on May 1.

Act Now:

A.P.Y. = Annual Percentage Yield