Visa® Credit & Debit Card Designs

At Ashland CU, we know you love options. When you open your new checking account, we print your new debit card within minutes at our Ashland, KY main office so we can either hand it to you before you leave or drop it in the mail immediately. Best of all, your instantly-issued card is completely free when you open your new account if you select one of our templates.

Please note: custom or template cards are only available for debit cards, not Visa One credit cards.

New Accounts
(Checking Acct or Credit Card)

Standard/Scenic Templates: FREE
Custom Card Design: $10
Existing Cardholders

Standard/Scenic Templates: $10
Custom Card Design: $10


For your convenience we have developed a quick online form for you to submit your request.

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Standard Debit Card


Get a card branded after your favorite high school team and benefit the local school system at the same time. Our affinity card programs reward each participating school system with $0.10 per qualifying swipe at no cost to the cardholder. Current participants include Ashland, Boyd County, Fairview, and Raceland school systems. Custom option also available. If converting your existing ACU Debit Card to a School Card, the $10 reissue fee will be waived for standard templates. Supply your own image for a fee of $10.

Ashland Maroon
Ashland Grey
Ashland Putnam Stadium
Boyd County Red Lion
Boyd County "BC Lions"
Boyd County Stone
Fairview Throwback
Fairview "B.I.T.W."
Fairview Mascot
Raceland Orange Swoosh
Raceland Logo
Raceland Football Photo

2013 Photo Contest Winner

(submitted by Terri H. from Ashland, KY)

Ashland Bridges

Ohio River (As seen from Ashland, KY)

Alaska 1

Alaska 2

Beach 1


Beech Fork Park, WV

Fall Leaves

Lake Louise


Mountains 1

Mountains 2

Orange Flower

Pink Flower

Scenic View 1

Scenic View 2


Wahkeena Falls


Amateur photographers, hobbyists, and creative minds - we've got options for you, too! Our custom card option allows you to come up with your own card style. If you want to display your favorite pet, revisit fond vacation memories, or just show off your creative touch, you can submit your own custom photo image to be placed on your ACU Visa® Debit Card. To get started with your design, just click the link below.

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