How to Survive the Drive Thru During COVID-19

 We do understand how busy the drive thru can get. Here is some information that might help you navigate the traffic.

Tips and Tricks

The closing of just about everything across the nation has affected even the simplest things from our daily lives. How we shop, where we eat, and who we are allowed to spend time with have all been changed for the foreseeable future. Financial institutions, including ACU, are no different.

Many credit unions and banks have been limiting foot traffic since mid-March. Deciding how to help our community was of the utmost importance, but from an organizational standpoint, it’s hard to feel like you might be limiting convenience to your members. At the end of the day, the drive thru is used to conduct many different forms of business, making person-to-person access still available. ACU chose to lead with the health of their members and staff in mind, closing their lobbies to the public Monday, March 16, 2020, which began drive thru service only.

That being said, we do understand how busy the drive thru can get. Here is some information that might help you navigate the traffic.

How many members are seen in the drive thru a week (on average): Currently, there are two tellers working the drive thru in the Ashland, KY, branch. On average, they see 800 members a week.

General wait time: The wait time is around two to three minutes for a simple transaction. Depending on what type of business you are conducting, the wait time will vary. Trust we are doing all we can to move the line as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Best day/time to go: According to the tellers, there is no day that is any better than another to go, but between 8-10am every morning has the least traffic.

Besides deposits and cash transactions, what else can be done at the drive thru? Tellers can accept any type of documents that need to be dropped off. The night drop, also located in the drive thru, is also available if something is a little bigger and doesn’t fit through the tube.

Skip the line altogether: If you find it easier to maintain social distance by keeping later or earlier hours, you can drop off deposits or signed documents in the night drop box 24 hours a day, avoiding a wait completely! Just make sure you include instructions indicating who you are and which accounts you want your funds deposited to. If you need a receipt, just note that with your deposit and we will mail it to your home free of charge.

This information has been gathered from the Ashland, KY branch, but many tips will also work in the drive thru at our Cottage Grove, MN, location.

“The drive thru has always been a convenient way to serve members. This has really shown all the things that can be accomplished with minimal people physically in the branch. We are looking forward to getting back to normal as soon as possible but feel like this is our best option right now.”

Amy Johnson

Head Teller, Ashland, KY

While we know this has an impact on members and staff alike, it is imperative for us to keep the health of our community the priority during this global pandemic. We are all in this together and we are thankful for your understanding and patience.

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