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Department Number
Member Contact Center(800) 245-8112
(606) 329-5489
Cottage Grove Branch Office(651) 256-0820
Lost or Stolen Visa/Debit/ATM(888) 918-7811
Lost or Stolen Visa Credit(866) 820-5826
Activate Visa Debit or Change PIN(866) 985-2273
Collections Department(800) 325-3573
Fax (Ashland)
Fax (Dublin)
Fax (Lexington)
Fax (Minnesota)
(606) 329-5414
(614) 790-1297
(859) 357-4129
(651) 846-9627

Mailing Address,
Deposits/Loan Payments
Ashland Credit Union
P.O. Box 391
Ashland, KY 41105
Physical AddressAshland Credit Union
1300 Central Ave
Ashland, KY 41101
Instant DepositsACU Instant Deposit Dept
P.O. Box 391
Ashland, KY 41105
Visa PaymentsAshland Credit Union
P.O. Box 41769
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1769

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